The exhibition “Picasso and Antiquity. Line and Clay” rare works by Picasso with sea creatures, quadrupeds, human figures, and other mythological scenes inspired by ancient tragedies and comedies, which interact with corresponding thematic antiquities creating another unique “Divine Dialogue” at the Museum of Cycladic Art.

This is a rare report on Picasso and his inspiration from ancient times in conversation with ancient works, curated by Professor N. Chr. Stampolidis and Olivier Berggruen. he great artist of the 20th century, has created unique paintings, but few know closely the design-engraving work and that of ceramics. A combination associated with antiquity and largely inspired by works of Minoan and Mycenaean civilization and the Greek world in general and of the cultures of the Mediterranean basin. More on ceramics of Pablo Picasso in

Pablo Picasso. Three fish and lemon slice, Cannes, April 15, 1957, plate wheels, red clay, written by coating decoration, partially enamelled, diam. 42 cm. Fundacion Almine y Bernard Ruiz-Picasso para el Arte, Madrid © FABA Photo: Hugard & Vanoverschelde Photography © Succession Picasso 2019

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