Acropolis is a Greek term that literally means any complex or citadel built on a high point, such as a hill. The Acropolis in Athens is undoubtedly the most famous of them all in Greece. It was built in 5th century BCE, which is a planned construction under the guidance of the Pericles of Athens. It took two years to build a detailed plan for the Acropolis of Athens, even for the Parthenon alone, it took them a lot of planning too. The level of detail and planning that went into the construction of the Acropolis was designed in order to create a lasting monument. In fact, the best architects and sculptors were commissioned into the building of the Acropolis.

The Acropolis, Athens measures at 490 feet in height above the city of Athens. Meanwhile, the entire surface area covered by the ancient structures and monuments spans about 7 acres or 3 hectares. The site was a natural choice to build such a massive fortification. In fact, there was already an existing structure on the hill but it was destroyed to build the Acropolis in its place. *

* from World Heritage inscription,

Ancient Agora of Athens

Temple of Olympian Zeus located in southern Athens, between the Acropolis and the Ilissos river, the Olympeion was the sanctuary of Olympian Zeus. Here stands one of the greatest ancient temples of Zeus and, according to Vitruvius, one of the most famous marble buildings ever constructed. The sanctuary’s foundation is attributed to the mythical Deukalion.*

* from Wikipedia

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